Ja’s Weird Fears (past and present)

1.) I am afraid of the big windshields in buses. I am afraid that the bus will suddenly stop, and I’d be thrown out and crash into the windshield.

2.) I am afraid of telephone calls. I am afraid of them ringing. I hate answering them. I hate calling. When I was a kid, I used to make a list of topics to talk about before I called up my friends. I don’t make a list anymore, but I still hate telephones.

3.) I am afraid of sharp objects like bbq sticks. When I see them, my overactive imagination will give me a flash of a scene where the one holding the bbq stick trips or something, and the bbq stick ends up piercing my eyes.

4.) When I was a kid, I was extremely afraid of getting robbed. Whenever my mom and I walked around the neighborhood, I brought “weapons.” My favorite “weapons” were my toy spade and shovel (both were plastic). Thankfully, I don’t do this anymore.

5.) When I was a kid, my mom and I often traveled back and forth from Manila to the province. We would leave the province very early like 4am. To get out of our house in the province, we had to pass by the stone walls. It was dark, but I tried my best to look at the cracks between the stones, vigilantly watching in case a snake dares to come out.

Our house in the province had really tall talahib, so it wasn’t entirely impossible that there were a couple snakes in the area. Our cat once killed a baby snake under our bed.

Several years after, I told my mom about this fear, and she was really surprised. She said, “I thought you were really brave because even if it was so dark and scary, you didn’t say a thing.” I said “I didn’t say a thing because I was trying to be brave, and I was too busy watching out for the snakes.” I am not afraid of the province anymore.

6.) I am afraid of closing my eyes when I am taking a bath. I make sure that the soap doesn’t go to my face, or if it does I rise it off quickly. I have an irrational fear that when I close my eyes too long, and then I open them, a monster will materialize inches away from my face.

7.) When I was a kid I stopped myself from thinking about other places when I took a dump. I was afraid that I might get teleported to the said place with my pants down and a pile of smelly brown stuff.

8.) I don’t like going to the dentist. My debate coach Bianca once told me a story where the dentist drilled into her tongue. I have this fear that while the drill is in my mouth, I’d lose strength to keep my mouth open, and my jaw will slam shut with the drill will get embedded into my gums.

9.) I don’t like knives. I feel like someone will trip and accidentally kill someone.

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