High School Bangag Moments

I found this in my old Myspace blog so I decided to put it here:

1.) Sir Valenton: Compare yourself to something.

Dizon: I am like an eagle because like an eagle I can soar above the clouds.

*grad song namin un*

2.) Ms Windsor: Are you finished copying?

Bettina: Wait a minute…hot coffee (We weren’t allowed to speak Tagalog in English class. Wait a minute kaping mainit dapat.)

3.) Someone: KJ, ung first name ng scientist John hindi Johannes

KJ: John, Johannes, pareho na un!

4.) Ms. Windsor: I may not be here next year.

Bettina: You’re getting married?

Ms. Windsor: NO!

Class: *LAUGH*

Ms. Windsor: Actually…I’m joining the convent.

Class: Ooooows?

Ms. Windsor: No! I was just kidding!

*eh duh sobrang seryoso ng mukha niya nung sinabi niya un. Tuloy naniwala kami.*

5.) Sir valenton: Answer your own answer.

6.) Sir Valenton: One last two.

7.) Sir Valenton: True love seek the best of the others.

8.) Sir Valenton: Do you know the show GOOD MORNING GIRLS? *Morning Girls lang kasi eh*

9.) Suggestions para sa name ng Fair:

Fengeng Fera (pengeng pera)

Fairates of the Caribbean (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Good Morning Girls and Fairents (Good morning girls and parents)

10.) Chic: I have a joke about STROGANOFF





Ms. Windsor: *parang naaasar pa* Yes, OPEN NOTES!

*Shit! Ang bingi! Tawa tuloy kami ng tawa. Napatingin pa nga si Windsor.*

11.) Written on the board:

Ms. Alba wrote: God helps those who help themselves.

Someone wrote: So help me God.

12.)Sir Valenton: Teenagers often do not know who they are. They have IDENTICAL CRISIS. (Identity crisis naman)

13.) Sir Castro: Manganganta din pala si Tata Matyas (character in Ibong Mandaragit by Amado V. Hernandez.) Meron pa nga siyang orihinal na kanta na pinamagatang…Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy me (Song un ni Tata Young.)

14.) Sir Castro is showing the class a powerpoint presentation, specifically a picture of the day when WWII ended. In the photo, people were coming out of their houses.

Sir Castro: Pagkatapos ng WWII lumabas ang lahat ng tao wala silang kamalay-malay na balang araw magiging parte sila ng isang…powerpoint presentation. (Akala ko pa naman kung ano ung mangyayari sa kanila.)

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