Words that Ja Can’t Spell

1.) Tomorrow

Ja’s defense:

I blame the shortcut “tom” for not giving me enough chances to practice spelling this word. In formal writing this word is rarely used. “Tomorrow, Sheila will go to the mall,” and other similar sentences will make your story seem juvenile. I usually use this in informal messages like text, chat, or fb where I am not obligated to spell out the whole word. I just simply say, “See you tom!”

2.) Resurrection

Ja’s defense:

I am not religious. I don’t go around saying “Jesus resurrected, I love this day!” I am not in the habit of writing about this topic. This event doesn’t happen often, so people don’t gossip about someone who got recently resurrected.

Why would any normal person use this word anyway? You don’t say “Good morning everyone! Looks like someone got resurrected.”

A story rarely ends with “and then he resurrected.” Even Harry Potter, which had a resurrection scene, didn’t use the actual word.

3.) License

Ja’s defense:

I don’t have it yet, so it doesn’t exist in my vocabulary either.

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