Ja’s Early Birthday Parties

1.) Eat the Balloons

Time of Ja’s Life: Don’t remember. Maybe 7th birthday party My cake had colorful miniature balloons. I really wanted to eat them, but my mom wanted to keep on taking pictures with the cake. I was getting restless. There’s one picture of me where I’m squirming because I really wanted to eat the miniature balloons. I was crying I want to eat the balloons! I want to eat the balloons! My mom didn’t seem to hear me as she kept saying One last picture na, One last na talaga, Promise one last na, Smile, smile.

I lost count of how many one-last-na-talaga pictures she took. When the picture taking was over, I grabbed the miniature balloons and put them in my mouth. I spit them out because they turned out to be plastic. I thought they were made of lollipops. Good thing everyone was busy chatting that they did not realize that I tried to eat the plastic balloons.

2.) Hat Party

Time of Ja’s Life: Don’t remember. Maybe 8th birthday My mom bought me a magazine called Kids Parties and there was one article about a hat party. I wanted to do all the different kinds of parties and to bake all the different cool cakes, but they were hard to do. We decided to do the easiest one which was the hat party. All my cousins wore cute hats as we ran around the park.

3.) Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Time of Ja’s Life: Don’t remember. Maybe 5th birthday. Further Details: I didn’t even pin the tail on any part of the donkey. I pinned it on the white space of the donkey poster. Kuya Paco was shouting misleading directions, and he laughed so hard when I took off my blindfold and saw where I pinned the tail.

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