Maids Always Leave

Janelle wasn’t my family’s first maid, but the others were either maids that I don’t remember because I was still too young, or maids who didn’t take care of me because they were in charge of other things like doing the laundry, cooking, or cleaning the house. I asked my mom what happened to the other maids who took care of me. She sad they left. That’s the thing with maids these days, they always leave, she said. I saw a picture of me being carried by a maid, but I was too young to remember who she was. I got scared that Janelle would leave.

I showed Janelle the songs I composed, and I even sang a few to her. She said the lyrics were good, but she couldn’t judge the melody because my voice was weak. I never shared my songs to anyone before that except Janelle. One day, she said she had to leave. I don’t remember why. I think she had to go home to take care of her father. Some of my relatives speculated that she was going to get married. Before she left I made her a terracotta thing that spelled her name. I gave it to her even if it wasn’t dry. It looked like brown poop, but I wanted to give it to her. From then on, I stopped talking to the maids because I was afraid that I’ll get attached and they’ll leave.

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