Little Ja Singing Laklak

I remember Kuya Paco liked making Little Ja sing Laklak. With my tinsy-winsy voice, I’d go Kabilin-bilinan ng lola, wag uminom ng serbesa, ito’y hindi inuming pambata, mag-softdrinks ka nalang muna. 

Sometimes he’d make me sing in front of his friends, and they’d be so amused, especially when I get to the di inuming pambata part. I didn’t understand why they thought it was so funny. I clearly didn’t understand the words that I was singing, but I was glad that I was entertaining them.

[1] My grandma always tells me not to drink beer. She says it’s not a drink for kids, so I should just drink softdrinks instead.

[2] It is not a drink for kids.

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