Velveteen Teddy

When I was a kid, my mom bought me a book of bedtime stories. Velveteen Rabbit was one of the stories. It was about a boy who really loved his rabbit stuffed toy. One day he got sick, and he kept his bunny by his side until he got well. When he was no longer sick, his parents told him that they had to throw away his rabbit stuffed toy because it had germs. The boy was very sad. The rabbit was also very sad. The rabbit was placed in a box of things that will be burned. A fairy appeared and told the rabbit that she will save him by turning him into a real rabbit. The rabbit hopped across the fields, and the little boy saw him from afar.

This is supposed to be a comforting story for kids who had to part with their toys but it didn’t comfort me. I even hated that story. I had a favorite stuffed toy named Teddy Buzzy Bear Cruz. After reading the story, I thought, I don’t not care if Teddy becomes a real bear, I’ll still cry if he’s taken away from me. I was so mad at the boy’s parents. If only they told him that they’d throw away his toy if he kept it by his side while he was sick, then he wouldn’t have done so. He would have parted with his toy while he was sick, and the toy wouldn’t get his germs, and he would have been able to keep his toy.

When I got sick, I was so scared that my mom would take Teddy away. I was even willing to part with Teddy while I was sick so he wouldn’t get my germs. I asked my mom, If Teddy stays with me while I’m sick, will you throw him away? She said no. So I slept soundly with Teddy snuggled in my arms. My mother kept her promise. Teddy is still sitting in my room ready to be hugged and loved.

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