Apple’s Childhood Crush

I remember that Apple had a crush on one of Kuya Paco’s friends. When Kuya’s friends would come over, they’d go to Kuya’s room and practice their songs. Kuya and his friends were starting a band, but I didn’t know how serious they were about it. Apple would tell me, Let’s go to Kuya’s room.  I knew that Kuya didn’t like us kids disturbing him, so when Apple said, Let’s go to Kuya’s room, I thought she meant, Let’s wait outside Kuya’s room, press our ears against the door, and try to listen to their conversations.

To my shock and horror, Apple suddenly knocked on Kuya’s door, then she ran away, leaving me behind. Kuya opened the door, and he saw me standing there. Bakit ka kumakatok? he said, irritated. I was like, hindi ako yon, si Apple! Si Apple! Unconvinced, he closed the door. He became more and more unconvinced as this thing kept happening again and again— Apple knocking on the door, Apple running away, and Kuya finding me outside his door with the same I-didn’t-do-it defense.

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