Fiction: From the Amazons, with Love

Note: This is a work of fiction

The postcard arrived from the land of the Amazons, and it was from Jacob. He thanked me for sending him there. He said he was really enjoying my post-break-up gift for him.

He loved it there. All the women welcomed his uncomfortable sexual advances. Whenever he felt horny, the love-making hut was always filled with women who cared little about their virginity. He could do it whenever and with whomever he wanted. None of the women felt jealous. It also didn’t matter what kind of insensitivity spewed out from his mouth— they still wanted sex afterwards.

A few months passed, another postcard arrived. It was a cry of help from Jacob. All of the Amazons were now pregnant. He heard whispers that they planned to kill him because he already served his purpose.

Weeks passed and a third postcard arrived. It was from the Amazons and it said:

Philanderer—used, dead, alone, unloved.

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