Remy and Alpahor

Ka Remy and Mang Jo served our family for many years. Mang Jo is the family carpenter, and Ka Remy is our maid. They were already working for lola even before I was born, which was before Mang Jo and Ka Remy decided to marry each other. Ka Remy has a unique pet name for Mang Jo, and that is alpahor. It means “sweet potato.” So if other people call their lovers honey, babe, sweetheart, you can start a trend and call each other alpahor.

When I was younger, I misheard the lyric in the song “More Than Words.” Instead of hearing “Cause I already know,” I heard “Cause Remy knows,” and I was like “Wow sikat pala pangalan ni Ka Remy!”

Mang Jo is a very jealous guy. He would call our house to check if Ka Remy really went to work, so that he’ll know that she did not go out to visit a lover or something. There is no sense to it because Ka Remy isn’t a flirty girl. Even when Ka Remy was already old like sixty plus, he’d still check up on her. Our driver Ka Ronnie would often joke, Bakit kaya ganyan si Jo, sobrang seloso, eh ang panget panget naman ni Remy.

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