Choosing the Non-itchy Dress

Almost every girl has a story about how one time her mother forced her to wear a really itchy dress or a dress that she truly hated. I never had such an experience. From the moment I could think for myself, my mom would bring me to the mall and ask me what I wanted to buy. I even remember getting mad at her because she wanted me to pick what dress to wear. I wanted her to choose for me, but she refused. She said I should learn how to make my own decisions.

Early in life I learned that making your own choices is hard, but other people imposing their will on you is worse. Having the freedom to choose has two possible outcomes: you can make the right choice, or you can make the wrong choice. In the unfortunate event that you make the wrong choice, you will know what the right choice is, and you can remedy your mistake.

If other people impose their will on you, the same two possibilities apply, but the prospect of getting out of the wrong choice is slim to none. There is even a higher propensity that other people’s decisions for you will be what you don’t want. You alone can really know what is good for you, and what circumstances you can live with for the rest of your life.

When I grew up, I became really thankful that my mother let me pick the clothes I wanted to wear. My mother didn’t stop there. She let me choose my own friends, choose my own course, and choose my own path in life. Sometimes I get scared, but I remind myself that I am lucky because some people are still stuck in their versions of itchy dresses.

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