Prep List

I found some of my old debate files and I decided to post them here. These are some of the stuff that helped me during prep or the preparations before a debate. 


1.) Don’t be naïve, AMININ!

2.) PRE-EMPTION is better than rebuttal

3.) Movie making: Artistas are the PARTIES INVOLVED

4.) Elbowing a Frame: Question assumptions and palakihin

5.) Characterization: Find TENSIONS and resolve. Tension resolution equals sophistication.

6.) Buo ang loob!


7.) What’s the problem?

8.) What’s so special?

9.) So what?


10.)            Precedences, parallelism, examples

11.)            Characterize

12.)            Compare


13.)            Principle and practical

14.)            Last resort

15.)            That’s important, but there’s a greater value


16.)            Meta-argue

17.)            Aware of other debates

Watch out for Debate and Logic.

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2 thoughts on “Prep List

  1. Hi, I see that you are an experienced debater, can you write more about debating? I know nothing about it (and I really suck at speaking in front of even just three people, I’m super shy), but I really want to become a debater, or at least have the skills that I can eventually improve on. Perhaps you can suggest books, websites or videos that can help? Also, I’d like to hear more of your debating experience.


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