Whip Like a Debater

I found some of my old debate files so I decided to post them here.

1.)   Intro

  1. Banner statements
  2. Principles
  3. Recap of frame
  4. Recap of burden of each side
  5. Clarification

2.)   One to multiple correspondence format (For every one argument of your opponent, make sure you have several responses.)

Divide your paper into two. On the left hand side, you write the arguments of your opponent, and on the left you write your rebuttals corresponding to each of your opponent’s arguments.

For the left side, you start by writing the speaker position of the particular opponent

3.)   A whip should always say and your partner/s case/s must enable you to say

  1. My partner/s said…
  2. They never responded to my partner’s argument
  3. That is why we must win the debate
  4. We had multiple responses to this
  5. Let’s compare
  6. What’s exclusive to our side is this
  7. They never proved to us that…

4.)   Resolve

  1. Resolve competing characterizations then explain how this characterization strengthens your team’s case and weakens your opponent’s case.
  2. Resolve competing matter battles by debunking the logic behind their asserted matter. It’s not possible that this matter is true because…

5.)   Be judgmental and get away with it

  1. Victor’s plea: Help your adjudicator (Force feed the adjudicator)
  2. Sharms: must have a level of detachment from the debate in order to analyze the big picture
  3. Look reasonable even if you are presenting the debate in a biased way

6.)   Canned issues

  1. Do the benefits/detriments outweigh the detriments/ benefits?
  2. Which policy is more effective in solving the problem?
  3. Should this value supersede that value?

7.)   Other tips from ADS debate modules

  1. Discuss the shifts and dynamics of the debate
  2. Clarify the burden of each side

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