Bird’s Nest Hairdo

My mom used to say that my hair looked like a bird’s nest, but I disagree. I think it’s more like Medusa’s snaky do.

When I get out of the bathroom my hair becomes a tangled horrible mess, but once I comb it, it becomes straight. Age changed the unruly nature of my hair. It became more tame, but like a mermaid who has pretty legs but turns scaly with a drop of water, my hair springs back to its Medusa past every time it interacts with water.

When I was younger the only way to comb my hair was to put lots of suave. I remember that combing my hair hurt so much that mama let me use the special brush she bought in Japan. It had an ivory-like handle and soft bristles. When I grew older, I’d sometimes bring the brush with me when I went to school. Mama would get mad because she was afraid that it would get lost if I took it out of the house. I thought this was unfair because mama sometimes brings the brush with her when she goes to work. I don’t remember who actually lost the brush, but one of us did. From then on, every brush that we bought paled in comparison to that special brush.

When I was really young, my mom made me get a boy cut, and I hated it. I thought I looked like a man in a kid’s dress. I vowed to never have short hair. Whenever I would go to the parlor, I would tell the hair cutter to just cut one inch and that was it. I got over the fear of short hair when my friend, Trina, cut her hair short, but it wasn’t a boy cut. I liked her hair, so I cut my hair the same way as hers.

In college, one of my classmates said, “Why did you cut your hair, may bagong boylet ka ba?” I was like “Huh? Why would cutting your hair mean you have a new boy?” My other girl classmate was like “Oo, yun yung ibig sabihin nun.” But I’ve always cut my hair, and styled it in different ways, and let it grow, then cut it very short, then let it grow again, and I never did it for any boy.

I’ve cut my hair with bangs to imitate the actress who played the evil twin in La Usurpadora because I thought she was beautiful. I’ve had a short bob because I liked the hair of a girl in Saved by the Bell. I’ve had my hair curled because I liked Heidi Klum’s short bouncy hair. I wanted to have a short asymmetrical hairdo just like Paris Hilton, but the hair cutter was afraid to make my hair too asymmetrical. I’ve had Anne Hathaway’s Devil Wear’s Prada hair. I’ve had a really short pixie hair cut because I liked the hair of the thin atheist girl in America’s Next Top Model.

My hair adventures didn’t stop there. There was a time when I would only have long layered hair. I got bored, so I let my hair grow until I could take out all the layers. I had my hair rebonded for my college graduation. I’m now into bangs with layers in the front and a straight cut at the back. Now I’m thinking about coloring my hair either dark-almost-black-like red, just like Anne Hathaway’s Devil Wears Prada hair, or a short bob pink hair like Natalie Portman’s stripper scene in Closer. Hmmm…tough choice, tough choice.

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