What Little Ja Wrote

This is a list of all the stories that I wrote when I was little. Actually, I didn’t finish any of them, but I wrote piles and piles of plots and compiled them in a big red expander. I kept the original drafts of what I’ve written so that when I become famous, my children can sell those drafts if they need money.

1.)   Flower Street Mountain

I loved Sweet Valley so I wanted to make my version of it. I replaced “valley” with “mountain.” The word “sweet” reminded me of flowers. Adding “street” sounded better than “Flower Mountain.”

The characters were my cousins Apple, Jeremy, Emily, Eric, Earl, Edgar, Evan, and Elena. I think Ezra was not yet born. In my story, my cousins and I would go on adventures like go around the world in a car that can turn into an airplane and a boat. In another story, we get kidnapped in Batangas, and we managed to escape. There’s also a story about how we were all inside a car, and we mistakenly stepped on the gas, but we didn’t know where the break was or how to drive the car.

2.)   Wizard Dogsville

We had two dogs named Wednesday and Kay. My favorite tv show Sabrina the Teenage Witch had a cat named Salem. He was once an evil warlock. As punishment he was turned into a cat. I thought, what if Wednesday and Kay were once wizards?

In this story, I talk about the real-world town called Wizard Dogsville where two wizards were living as dogs, and the other realm is the fairy world where the wizards once belonged.

3.)   The Lady of the Lake

I don’t remember how I came up with this story. In this story, there’s a woman who was trapped into a lake.

4.)   The Girl Who Looked Like A Weird Tree

I made a drawing of a weird tree. It had blue leaves, pink fruits, and a purple trunk. I drew a girl who had corresponding colorful features. She had blue hair, pink eyes, and purple skin. She was the guardian of the tree, and so she was the only one who could pick a fruit from the tree. Anyone else who tried to climb the tree to get its fruits would die. The fruits never fell to the ground. Anyone who was given the fruit would have immense power.

One day, an evil sorcerer disguised himself as a poor boy. He told the girl that his mother was sick, and he didn’t know what to do. The girl said “I’ll get you a fruit and you can use its power to heal your mother.” The girl climbed up the tree, got one fruit, went back down, and gave it to the boy. In an instant, the boy changed into an evil sorcerer. “Hahahaha,” he said, his evil laugh resonating throughout the woods, “I have tricked you. Now I will become the most powerful sorcerer on earth!” He took a bite from the fruit, and he turned into a really good boy.

5.)   No Time is Too Late to Fight

This is about two best friends in high school. One of them became popular, so the two girls’ friendship fell apart. This is a story of how the unpopular girl fought to regain their friendship, thus the title.

This was a time of my life when I was determined to write a story about friendship. So many stories have been written about love, and if friendship was ever written about, it was a minor event. I wanted to write something that solely celebrated friendship, that showed how deep it was, so that people will begin to appreciate it.

6.)   Twins

I was obsessed about twins because of Sweet Valley, so I decided to write a story about two princesses who were twins. One was kind; one was mean. An evil witch attacked their castle. The royal family tried to escape. As the carriage took the royal family away, something happened and the kind twin fell off. There was fire all around. They couldn’t stop the carriage. The kind twin was trying to run to the carriage, to get to the outstretched hands of her mother or her father, so she could get back in the carriage. The witch materialized out of nowhere. The witch was slowly walking towards the frightened princess. Everything exploded and the princess and the witch were gone. The royal family escaped but they were forever scarred by that day.

The kingdom was rebuilt, and things went back to normal. The mean twin grew up. She was a teenager now, and she grew to become brattier and meaner. She resented her parents for loving her twin even if the kind twin was long dead. One day, the kind twin appeared in tattered clothes. She said the witch had held her captive all these years. She finally escaped. Everyone was overjoyed except the mean twin. They all thought the kind twin died in the fire, but they were always hoping that she could still be alive.

The kind twin was nice to everyone, except to the mean twin. The kind twin would do things to sabotage the mean twin, and make her look meaner than she already was. The mean twin couldn’t convince everyone that the kind twin was two faced. The mean twin tried to investigate why the kind twin was like that. In the end, it was revealed that the kind twin had been dead all along and that the witch only learned how to change herself into the appearance of the kind twin.

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Note: For some entries in this blog, a few names and details have been deliberately and willingly changed by the author. This is a personal decision made by the author and is not an endorsement for censorship.


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