Making My Own Inspirational Quote

Ever since I was young, I wanted to make my own quote. I was attracted to how a single line can make someone immortal. My classmates always started their essays with a quote, but I wouldn’t do this because I thought that it wasn’t an original or gripping introduction.

One time, I couldn’t think of an introduction for my Christian Living essay. I didn’t want to put a quote, but that was the only thing that I could think of. Then an idea struck me—what if I write my own quote? I wrote the quote, put it in quotation marks, put a dash, then I wrote my initials.

I thought it was cocky to write my own quote, so I hoped my teacher would think that my initials stood for a name of someone who was famous, and he or she will not realize that those were just my initials. From then on, I have tried to write several quotes. Here are the quotes that I have written about following one’s dreams, and in my case, that dream is to become a great writer.

  • Following your heart is scary, doing otherwise is painful.
  • You’ll never know if you’re talented enough. You’ll only know if you’re brave enough.
  • If you’re not afraid to sound pedestrian, you might actually get to say something profound.
  • Courage and passion. It’s always about courage and passion. No matter who you are or what you want, it’s always about courage and passion.
  • Dear Universe, I am a writer. Let me write.

  • Believing is the first step to becoming.
  • Now that I’m a writer, whenever I “waste my time” on tv shows, movies, or books, I just think, hey, it’s part of my education.
  • What causes failure is the fear of failure. If you’re not afraid, you don’t notice your failures because you’re too busy thinking of the next step.
  • If there are moments that I regret in my life, they are those times I did not believe in myself.
  • To be an artist is to profit from everything that hurt you and everything that made you smile.
  • If you pay attention, something will be beautiful.
  • Every writer is just a person who grabs a pen and scribbles on paper.
  • Everything happens for a reason, and if there is no reason, create a reason.
  • Every piece of writing is an attempt to be vulnerable.
  • Write something. Don’t be afraid. Just write something.
  • I’d rather be a guilty pleasure than bring no pleasure at all.
  • Every article about writing starts with one advice: write.
  • Building courage one post at a time.
  • For some, stillness causes restlessness, for artists, inspiration.
  • Learn. Write. Meet people. Be happy.
  • A writer has to constantly write, just like an athlete has to constantly run. (Semi-inspired by something Natalie Goldberg said)
  • There is no such thing as failure, there is only fear of failure, and a lack of trying.
  • For the passionate, there is no such thing as failure.
  • Originality is overrated, but truth, rawness, and bravery are eternal.
  • Nothing is a waste of time as long as I write about it afterwards.
  • Great artists are always rooted in their culture.
  • You, whoever you are, you should write.
  • For artists, discipline is the freedom that releases them from the chains of laziness.
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5 thoughts on “Making My Own Inspirational Quote

  1. Ja, ganda ng quote mo na ito! :))) Pwede bang i-post sa fb? hehe
    “What causes failure is the fear of failure. If you’re not afraid, you don’t notice your failures because you’re too busy thinking of the next step.”


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