The New York Subway Weirdo

It was crowded in the subway and all the seats were taken. I was standing in the middle of the subway car holding on to a metal pole when I noticed the man seated in front of me. Red in the face, he was talking angrily to John, jerking his head to his left. I looked at the person beside him, lips were moving, but the lips had lipstick. I don’t think her name was John.

The heated conversation went on. He said, “Shut up!” then he said again, “No you shut up!” I was praying that he’d go, “Sorry for the inconvenience, but I was practicing for my acting class,” or “You just got punk’d!” Then again, I thought, I’m in New York, weirdos are normal, hell, psychos are normal.

When the girl next to him reached her stop, no one took the vacant seat next to him. Even I, who was standing near him, wanted to move away from him, but I was afraid that I might catch his attention, and he’d go, “Why are you moving away from me?”

I didn’t think about leaving the car and getting on the next train. I just stood there and hoped that he wouldn’t attack me. When he left, some people let out a sigh of relief, but most were in deep spaced out silence as though they were so used to seeing a guy argue with himself.

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