The Kalamay Effect

I saw an old entry in my diary and decided to post it here.

The Kalamay Effect is the name I’ve ascribed to a unique phenomenon where delayed gratification transforms a deep desire into an eternal revulsion. When I was young, I really wanted to eat kalamay, but obstacles materialized out of nowhere—my mom had no money to buy kalamay, my mom forgot to buy, my mom was lazy to go to the store, or the store ran out of kalamay.

When we were finally able to buy, it had been weeks or even months since the first time I felt the need to have it. I bit into that chewy dessert, chomped, let the flavor sink in, felt my saliva regurgitate in disgust, got a napkin, and spat it out.

It tasted like nausea.

From that day on, I never wanted to eat kalamay again. It has been maybe ten years since the last time I ate kalamay. The thought of eating it sickens me.

When you want something so much, and you don’t get it for a long time, when you finally get it, it doesn’t live up to all the expectations that you had. From an insatiable desire, it becomes disinterest, disgust, and hate.

I hope someday this happens to him. I hope someday this happens to him.

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