Finding Ja

My mom went to several countries to attend conferences. Once she went to China and while she was there my grandma decided to change houses, and she didn’t even tell my mother where the new house was. I was nine years old. Lola didn’t like that green house that we were in because it was hot, so we rented the house next to it. Our new house was owned by my lola’s relative Ka Saro. Changing houses was nothing new to me as we often did this every two years or so. I even enjoyed changing houses because I liked traveling to different places, looking at the houses, and choosing the best one.

It wasn’t that lola didn’t want mama to know where we were, but she just didn’t realize that, logically, it was necessary to tell my mom that we had a new address. Sometimes lola is just like that. It’s weird. Straight from the airport, with her suitcases, my mom went to the green house and discovered that it was empty. She didn’t know that we were just in the house next to it. My mom called up her aunt, tita Eleanor, and asked if she knew where we were. She didn’t, but she let her stay at her house until my mom found out where our new place was.

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Note: For some entries in this blog, a few names and details have been deliberately and willingly changed by the author. This is a personal decision made by the author for specific reasons known to her and is not an endorsement for censorship.


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