Mama Make Me a Test

Little Ja didn’t have eyeglasses yet, but my geeky ways could have earned me some braces and a weird smile. Even after long years of being an honor student, I still felt so paranoid that I’d flunk and repeat a grade. To assuage my fears, I’d make my mother make me some tests. Say what?

If we had an upcoming test on English class or whatever, I’d give my mother my book and notebook. I’d tell her what topics were covered by the test, and I’d ask her to make ten questions or so about these topics. She can choose to make either multiple choice questions, true or false questions, or fill in the blanks. The test would come handwritten on a yellow pad, intermediate pad paper, or scratch paper. I’d answer it, then she’d check it.

I’d find out my score and review the questions that I got wrong. The test results would let me know which part of the lesson I hadn’t studied enough. I wasn’t an inquisitive kid, and that was why my method of learning was answering questions not asking them. Only when I am asked questions will I discover what I still didn’t know or understand. Sometimes I’d argue with my mother about the tests. I’d question the questions that she made. I’d point out that the phrasing was unclear. I’d challenge the range of answers that she accepted, and I’d argue for my answer so she’d correct my test score.

I’d also get really mad if she made an easy test, and I’d make her redo the test. Then she’d get mad because she was already helping me, but I wasn’t satisfied by the tests that she made. But mostly my mother said she really enjoyed making those tests. I guess it helps that my mom is a teacher, and I am an eager learner.

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