Preacher on the Bus

Do you ever wonder about the preachers on the bus? You know the kind. A person would board the bus, stand in the middle, bring out a bible, and start blabbing about god.

I rarely pay attention to these preachers except one time. After the sermon, they’d hand out envelopes asking for donations.

Whenever I see these preachers, I remember a Sharon Cuneta movie (I forgot the title) where she realizes she doesn’t  have enough money to pay  for her fare. She pretends to be a preacher and just rambles on about god.

Sharon goes to the passengers, and they give her money. She gets off at her stop and the bus conductor doesn’t even ask her to pay. How many of those preachers on the bus are like Sharon’s character? What compels people to give money to a stranger who claims to be getting donations for a church? Bus passengers usually aren’t rich, but they don’t even think twice about giving their money. Of course they will only give a small amount, but nonetheless they still give. Do they trust the preacher because they assume that no one would be so evil enough to use god to get money?

Could pass off as a preacher? What would I say? How much money would I get? What if I start preaching on the bus just for kicks, and I don’t ask for money? What if I give them a quiz to test if anyone is listening? Do the ones who give money really listen to those preachers? Were they moved by the preacher’s speech or were they convinced simply by the invocation of the word god?

Seems like god is strong enough to compel a poor working man or a woman with three jobs to give away a part of their meager income. Is the man with eight kids, saving his money by not spending it on kakanin, so that he can give money to god, hoping that those collecting on behalf of god will give the money to that hungry child or that blind old man? Is it guilt that compels them to do something that will add to their suffering, or does god move them to become generous even if their income cannot accommodate such generosity?

Who are these preachers on the bus? How are they using god’s power? How are they helping the world?

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