Alternative to Big Bang

Sometimes I wish I were a scientist. I’d like to invent something or create my own theory. With my limited scientific knowledge, I have attempted to make my alternative theory to the Big Bang Theory.

I think I was reading a book entitled The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. This debate between Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and intelligent design has intrigued me ever since I came across it in high school debate. In the book, Dawkins talks about how human beings judge other things by virtue of what they have experienced. He says that the reason why human beings can’t imagine the possibility of evolution is that we live short lives, but the universe has existed for so many years, and this period of time is long enough for random chances to make cells eventually evolve into human beings. This idea stewed in my head for some time. It seemed interesting, but I did not know what to do with it.

I took a philosophy class, and there was a discussion that intrigued me. I don’t remember what exactly that lesson was. All I remember was that there was something about birth. I thought “What if the world wasn’t born?”

What if there was no start, no big bang. Why are we assuming that there must have been the birth of the universe just because we human beings are born? I thought about rocks, and how rocks aren’t born. What if the universe just was, and that was it? Of course I have no scientific proof for this theory, but I’m a writer, and writers simply ask the question “What if?”

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