5 Health Tips I Actually Follow

We all read health tips from magazines and stuff, but do we really follow it? Here are some health tips that I gathered over the years that I actually apply in my life.

1.) Color Your Plate

If you want a no-brainer guide on balanced meals, this rule will help you. The more colors there are on your plate, the higher propensity that it is a balanced meal. Of course a meticulous meal plan can still be better, but who has the time to do that?

2.) 20 Minute Rule

Your stomach needs twenty minutes before it will realize that it’s already full. Eat slow. Eat with friends so you will be distracted by conversation.

3.) Walk, Run, Jump, Exercise

I used to hate exercising until I found the exercise that was right for me.

Now I love walking. It’s non-streneous, but at the same time it’s a full body workout. At the gym, I get bored, but when I walk, I see trees, houses, people, stray dogs, etc. My friend Melissa says that actual walking is better than walking on a treadmill because the treadmill somehow supports your weight. Thus, this gives you an easier time, which lessens your tendency to sweat your fat away.

Ever since I saw Britney Spears telling Ellen DeGeneres that she does 100 crunches, I decided to do them too. When I have a hard time with it, I always think “I’m gonna get Britney’s great abs (of course I’m referring to Britney’s I’m-a-slave-for-you abs).”

I used to walk everyday for thirty minutes, but now I’m working so that’s kind of hard to do.

Now I do jump rope. Ideally, I do 50 everyday, but sometimes when I get home, I’m so tired already.

I do running on Saturdays and Sundays to make up for it. On Saturdays, I go to U.P. oval to go running with my friends, PJAM.

4.) Two glasses of water one hour before meals

When I’m at home, I do this. It makes me less hungry.

5.) Avoid soda and chocolate

I rarely drink soda when I’m at home. When it comes to chocolate, if it’s not in the house, I rarely crave for it.

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2 thoughts on “5 Health Tips I Actually Follow

  1. Good luck on your journey; those first steps are always the hardest but once you get going, anything is possible. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))


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