Wishing for a New Techie Invention: E-Ink and LCD Tablet Hybrid

One day my co-worker, Becky, told us about her Kindle Touch. She brought it to the office and showed us what E Ink looked like. Strikingly similar to a page from a book, it was just black and white and had no backlight.

She said she would read for hours using her kindle, and she wouldn’t experience the kind of eye-strain she could get from reading ebooks on a computer screen. Right then and there, I decided that once I get my salary, I would buy one.

I told my friend Jenny about this, but she said she still wanted an iPad. I asked her why, and she said, “What if I wanted to look at art books?” I didn’t fully realize the limitations of a black and white screen. I also wanted to look at art books, not to mention fashion books, cook books, etc., but I also liked the E ink.

Now I wish there was a tablet where you could push a button and switch from E ink to colored LCD screen. I want to read novels using the E ink screen, and then I want to look at ebooks with colored material using an LCD screen.

If I had the technical know-how to create this invention, I would tinker away in my garage and become the next techie genius, but I don’t. So I just wanted to give a shout out to all the inventors in the world. Hey I have an idea, anyone interested to make it real? Is this even possible? Let me know, and I’ll be the first one to buy your new invention.

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