Evolving Writing Habits

When I was a kid, I preferred writing on paper because personal computers weren’t invented yet, and when it was finally on the market, I was still attached to paper. I switched to writing on the computer when I entered college. School work like term papers were easier to do on the computer especially when I was cramming.

Guilt Switch

I did feel guilty because most writers say that writing on paper made them feel more connected to their work. I also read an article that said that writing on paper involved more brain cells than writing on the computer, so writing on paper exercised your brain better. I wanted to go back to paper, but I couldn’t. Paper just didn’t hold my interest anymore.

Shift Back

Now I don’t know what happened, but I’m back to writing on paper. Before this, I did start to write my morning pages on paper, and this could have triggered something in me. All I know is when I was having trouble writing something for work; I turned to paper. I guess it was also because my work computer that time was always freezing up, but it was also a matter of instinct. I just felt compelled to turn to paper.

Tools and Requirements

In the past, I’d be so picky when it comes to paper. The intermediate pad had to be new, with no creases. It had to be a certain bright shade of white or yellow. I had to have a certain set of ballpens that I liked, and I especially preferred brands such as Star Pentel and Pilot. Now I can write even on scratch paper, and I can write with any ballpen.

Guess Again

What happened? What prompted this change? Is it because I write everyday so the “special terms” for writing, which can be guised excuses to procrastinate, have diminished significantly? Hmmm…maybe…I do hope this is a good sign.

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2 thoughts on “Evolving Writing Habits

  1. I journal, since middle school so ten plus years now. I’ve got 30 or so filled journals at my mother’s house. I actually found that I’ve handwritten less over the last year than ever before. I’m not sure if that means I’m going through a mental thing (I was a multiple times a day journaler) or that handwritten words just doesn’t do it for me anymore. It does hold a special kind of appeal.


    1. Wow 30 diaries? That’s great! I also keep a diary too. I started when I was eleven years old. When it comes to writing fiction or articles though, that’s when I fluctuate between writing on paper, and writing on the computer. Yeah, you’re right, paper does have a certain appeal. Yeah, I also wonder if writing on paper or writing on the computer reveals something about the writer.


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