A Yummy Mashup: Skyflakes and Condensada

If you want a simple sweet snack, try this.


1. 2-3 packs Skyflakes

2. 1/4 cup condensada

Materials needed:

1. mug

2. fork


1. Break the skyflakes into smaller pieces.

2. Put the skyflakes inside the mug.

3. Use the fork to mash the skyflakes.

4. Pour in the condensada until the skyflakes are coated well.

5. Continue to mash the skyflakes and pour condensada until you get a mix with a thick pasty consistency.

6. Eat up and enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “A Yummy Mashup: Skyflakes and Condensada

  1. Sounds good and a change from what I do with Skyflakes. I like to lather Skyflakes with Cheese Whiz or Magnolia Cheezee Spread. Peanut butter is also good on Skyflakes.

    I have introduced to the Bacolod area, among friends and family, the southern American way to eat sardines. On skyflakes with a dash of hot sauce. Yummy. No, it has not caught on yet but I like sardines this way.


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