High School Play: Heroic Vandal (Scene 4: The Three Soldiers)

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Note: In celebration of women’s month, I decided to post this play that I wrote when I was in second year high school. My groupmates helped me come up with ideas, but I was the one who was largely responsible for the conceptualization of the story and the writing of the script. In this play, I talk about two sisters who are awoken to the plight of women and are moved to fight oppression. I also slightly touch upon the issue of honor killings, specifically how raped women (usually in the Middle East) are killed because they have brought “dishonor” to their family. Our group was assigned to write about Pakistan, but in this script, I changed the name of the country into a fictional country because the depiction of this world is not an accurate depiction of Pakistan. I also changed “Allah” to “Azlah” because the god described in this story and the religious practices depicted are not accurate depictions of the Muslim faith.

Scene 4:

When the lights open, we see the three soldiers named Uncho, Ragheb, and Haamid. Each soldier is holding a bottle of beer. Uncho is a fat proud looking man. Ragheb is an ugly man who is gifted with the blindness of vanity. Haamid is an innocent new soldier who would do anything that his superiors would say. Uncho and Ragheb are on either side of Haamid. The older soldiers each have an arm around Haamid. Haamid looks uncomfortable and is the only one who isn’t drunk.

Uncho and Ragheb: (Singing in very loud voices.) 99 bottles of beer on the wall! 99 bottles of beer! Take one down, and pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall!

Haamid: Um, Uncho, Ragheb, don’t you think you should make your voices a little softer? We’re in the middle of a flea market and people are already staring at us.

Uncho and Ragheb: Ahh, the new lad has finally spoken.

Uncho: Who’s staring at us, Haamid? Tell me because I am so drunk, I can’t even see clearly.

Haamid: I think the women who are buying things are being disturbed.

Uncho: Bah, women! Who cares if they are being bothered? You know, Haamid, when you are one of the noble soldiers of Ashtan, you are like a god. You are higher than anyone in town, especially women.

Haamid: But they are staring at us, and it doesn’t feel nice.

Ragheb: I think these women are staring at me, little boy. They are but stunned by my good looks.

Uncho: Ragheb, you are vain indeed.

Ragheb: Yes I do admit that I am but afflicted by this disease.

Uncho: Speaking of women, last night my wife burnt our supper. I was so angry that I poured hot water over her head. She cried and cried trying to apologize to me, but I did not care. Instead, I summoned my servants to get her out of the room.

Haamid: Isn’t that bad?

Uncho: She deserved it. What you have to realize, young Haamid, is that when you’re a man, the first thing that you should learn is how to control your woman.

Haamid: Is that so?

Ragheb: Yes, Haamid. That is what you should do.

Haamid: I understand. Now we really must go to our respective posts. General Najiya must be already waiting for us.

(The soldiers stand up. General Najiya enters. The soldiers hide their bottles behind their backs.)

General Najiya: Where have you been?

Uncho: Sorry sir. We were just—

General Najiya: Just what? Just wasting my time? Wait a minute. What is that smell? Have you been drinking?

Ragheb: No, sir. It’s just (pauses for awhile to think) my new perfume.

General Najiya: What kind of excuse is that? Do you think I’m stupid?

Ragheb: No sir. I think you’re brilliant.

General Najiya: Doesn’t make your excuse brilliant. Now go to your posts. I will arrange for your sanctions later.

(The soldiers exit. Lights out. General Najiya exits.)

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