Wishing for a USB That Says “This Side Up”

Whenever I plug my USB or USB cord, I always get it wrong, so I need to flip it over, and try again. It’s just a few seconds of delay, but when you’re panicking, this minor inconvenience can really get to you. This delay also doesn’t add any value or joy to your life, so if we can do something about this, then, why not? Maybe the manufactures can put a note that says, “This side up.” It’s a simple solution that will save us from feeling pangs of irritation. As a customer, I’d definitely choose to buy a USB that has that note, so makers of this new USB will have a competitive edge. Unless, of course everyone follows suit.

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2 thoughts on “Wishing for a USB That Says “This Side Up”

  1. Hi Ja! Flashdrives and all USB-type cables have a side with ridge. The one without ridge, that’s the side up 😀
    Thanks for your awesome blog!


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