New Health Resolution: One Sweet a Day

My greatest weakness is chocolate. I also love eating lots of sweet things. Nothing is too sweet for me. Just pile up on the sugar, and I’m good. When I was young, I could finish a big can of Stick-O in one sitting. Nowadays, I rarely crave for chocolate, but if it’s in the house, it’s going to be gobbled up real fast. Of course I’m afraid of diabetes. It runs in the family, so I should take more active steps to curb my sweet cravings.

When I told my doctor about my weakness, she said, “Walang weakness, weakness dapat.” She’s right. No excuses. I must change my eating habits now. I can’t go cold turkey, so I’m going to do this gradually. I’m going to start with my one sweet a day rule, which means that if I eat one piece of brownie, I cannot eat another piece of cake that same day. Once I get used to this, I want to progress to one sweet a week and then one sweet a month. Is one sweet a month too much of a restriction? Can I stick to my new resolution? I hope. I really hope.

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4 thoughts on “New Health Resolution: One Sweet a Day

  1. Great job recognizing your problem foods. you’ve taken the first step in living a healthy life and you should feel proud of yourself for that. Good luck!


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