Little Ja’s First Cooking Class

Mama enrolled me in a cooking class when I was just around five years old. It was a big class where each kid had his or her own table, set of ingredients, and recipe card. We were doing no bake leche flan, and I was so excited.

The cooking lesson began. The teacher told me to beat the eggs, then she gave me the recipe card and told me to follow the instructions. Being so young, I didn’t know how to read, but my shyness inhibited me from admitting this. For the whole class I just kept beating the eggs, until my teacher noticed and decided to ask, “Marunong ka ba magbasa?” I said, “Hindi po.”

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[1] Marunong ka ba magbasa=Do you know how to read?

[2] Hindi po= Translation: No.

[3] “Po” is a word that is added to sentences to show respect. Young people are expected to use “po” when they are talking to those who are older than they are.

[4] Leche flan is a caramel custard. It is a very common Filipino dessert.

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