Top 10: The Countries Where My Blog Viewers Come From

Whenever I look at my stats, I’m surprised to see that my blog viewers come from not just the Philippines but from all over the world. Are most of these viewers Filipinos who are merely scattered across the globe, or are they people of different nationalities who have become interested in my blog? Most of the time, I write about my life here in the Philippines or about Filipino culture. Do  those topics appeal to people from all over the world? I’m really curious. Anyway, below is the list of the top 10 countries where my viewers come from.

1. United States

I’ve posted about New York, so maybe that drew Americans to my blog. Then again, viewers from the U.S. got a higher ranking than viewers from the Philippines? I wonder why this is so.

2. Philippines

I’m a Filipino, so it’s no surprise that Filipinos read my blog.

3. Canada

There’s only one post with a Canada tag. I simply mentioned that I’ve traveled to Canada. I really miss the doughnuts that my Tita bought in a market in Vancouver. Maybe I will write something about that trip.

4. United Kingdom

The only thing that I’ve written that’s connected to the U.K. is my Sophia Grace and Rosie post. I love these two darling British girls, and many people seem to love them too because that post has been getting a lot of hits.

5. Malaysia

I have some friends on Facebook that come from Malaysia, and since I regularly post this on Facebook, I wonder if any of them read my blog. I’ve also briefly mentioned Malaysia in several posts, but mostly these are captions on photos. I really miss Malaysian curry, roti, eating at Mary Brown outlets in Malaysia, and eating at Mamak Stalls!

6. Australia

I’ve never written about Australia. I have a few Facebook friends who come from Australia, but they aren’t that many. My friend, Belle, said she tweeted one of my posts, and she has lots of Australian friends. I wonder what else draws Australians to my blog.

7. Singapore

I have some Facebook friends from Singapore, but I’ve never written about Singapore. Singapore is very near the Philippines, but I haven’t even gone there. I hope I get to travel there someday.

8. Indonesia

I have been to Indonesia because I competed in a debate tournament there. I have also briefly mentioned Indonesia in my posts, but, again, these are mostly captions on photos. I really love Brownie Kukus! There’s like a thick layer of cheese on top and a really delicious brownie layer below. I sooo love it! I want to go back to Indonesia just for that.

9. New Zealand

Ever since I watched Lord of the Rings, I’ve wanted to travel to this beautiful country. I even had dreams about it, but I’ve never posted about anything connected to New Zealand.

10. India

I love Indian food, and some people mistake me for being Indian. I do have an Indian ancestor because my great grandmother comes from Cavite. Centuries ago, when the British docked in Cavite, their Indian slaves escaped and intermarried with the locals. There is also a large population of Indians here in the Philippines. When I searched for India in my blog, there were several posts that came up, but I don’t remember mentioning India in these posts.

 How about you?

What country are you from? How did you discover my blog?

Leave a comment below.

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6 thoughts on “Top 10: The Countries Where My Blog Viewers Come From

  1. Hi! I’m from Australia and I found your blog when I put ‘Australia’ in the topics search bar. I mostly post about Australia and history and I also wonder how people find my blog!


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