PJAM Tries Friendship Counseling

PJAM (Priscilla, Ja, Jenny, Alice, Melissa, Monique) met when we were classmates back in grade five. At the end of the year, I was praying that, for some miracle, we’d be classmates again. Our school randomly mixes up the classes every year so that we will have a new set of classmates every time we moved up a grade level. There were times that you could be classmates with the same person for several years, but I knew it was impossible that six people would be classmates again the next year. Still, I was hoping against hope.

My impossible dream did not come true, and so grade six was the first year that PJAM was separated from each other. Separation tested our friendship, and we started to have “barkada world wars.”

Since we were experiencing a rocky time in our friendship, we decided to go to the guidance counselor to sort out our issues. After we told the guidance counselor about our problems, she suggested that we break up and find other friends. We left the guidance office completely horrified. Very livid, I firmly declared, “We are not breaking up.” We never went back to the guidance counselor. Twelve years later, we are still good friends.

I’m glad we didn’t listen to that guidance counselor. If we did, we’d have missed out on the greatest friendship of all time.

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2 thoughts on “PJAM Tries Friendship Counseling

  1. I’m happy for all of you!There are times also that we need to listen to our guidance counsellors.I’m not saying that we need to follow all that they said but we need to extract the things that we need to abide.Thanks for sharing!


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