Today I Learned: Salvador Dali Almost Painted a Filipino Beauty Queen

Before I knew who Salvador Dali was, I already fell in love with his painting The Persistence of Memory.

I loved that painting, but I didn’t try to find out who the painter was or what the painting was called. Only when I watched him on a game show called What’s my Line? did I get really interested in him.

I found this clip on Brain Pickings, and I was fascinated by Dali because he was weird, and he had so many talents.

By reading Preview Magazine’s September 2011 issue, I found out that Salvador Dali almost painted a Filipino beauty queen. In article entitled “Reign Supreme” as told to Erika Hoffman, 1973 Miss Universe winner Margie Moran shared that she and Dali “became such good friends” that Dali asked if he could paint her. Filled with regret, she said, “At such a young age I turned him down not knowing exactly who I was turning down.” If she agreed, she would have been the only woman (besides Dali’s wife, Gala, seen in the painting Crucifixion) who the painter ever included in his art.

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