I’m Thankful That I Live in a World of Coconuts

Sometimes we take some things for granted just because they are always there.

When my family and I were in the province last week, we went through our usual routine of getting some coconuts.

With a long stick that has a hook at the end, anyone could pick a coconut right from its tree.

I thought to myself, isn’t this a luxury? I felt so lucky that I was living in a country where it was this easy to get coconuts.

With no charge, straight from the tree, I can get a taste of these sweet coconuts.

How many times have we taken a step back, looked at our beautiful country, and realized that we should be grateful that we live in a world such as this?

How many times have we appreciated life’s simple joys? How many times have we appreciated coconuts? How many times have we felt grateful that our country is abundantly blessed with the tree of life?


[1] The coconut tree is often called the tree of life because it has multiple functions. You can drink its juice. You can eat the fruit. You can use the tree to build a house.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Thankful That I Live in a World of Coconuts

  1. I also live in the world of coconuts. So true, we often overlook the simple things in life that bring so much happiness. It is luxury at its finest.

    Buko juice or coconut water is in high demand in the USA as a sport drink. Yep, coconut water restores electralytes and hydration to the human body, so it is the natural sport drink! It is great that we can get that here in the Philippines so easily. We have a few coconut trees on our property in the Bacolod area. I enjoy the cocount pastries found in the local bakeries.

    Thank you for sharing! Wonderful.


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