Little Ja’s Budget Christmas

Little Jaja took another angel ornament from the Christmas tree, and with a shrill voice she made the angel talk. The fat snowman ornament replied in a deep rich voice.

It was Christmas again.

Christmas and birthdays were the only days that I received gifts from my mom, and she always had a budget. We would go to Toy Kingdom, and she’d say “I can only buy you a gift worth (insert amount of money here, ranges from P300-P500).”

If I liked one toy, and it was below my mom’s budget, I’d look for another one that was more expensive (but was still within my mom’s budget) because I wanted my money’s worth.

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2 thoughts on “Little Ja’s Budget Christmas

  1. I can’t wait tillt he weather gets cooler so I can watch my favorite cartoon, how the grinch stole christmas! What’s your favorite holiday show?


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