Buying from Street Vendors in Jeeps

Can you buy something from a street vendor while you are riding public transportation? Of course yes! That is, if you live in the Philippines.

Say what?

We have jeepneys and traffic, so you can buy all you want while riding a moving vehicle. Jeepneys rule the streets in the Philippines, and everyone uses them to get from one place to the next. A jeep goes through the streets at a speed, screech, stop, trying to beat the traffic, and at the same time being hindered by that nasty stop light, not to mention all of the busses, tricycles, yellow taxis, FX taxis, pedicabs, cars, trucks, kalesas, and other jeeps that get in its way.

Traffic quiets the chaotic streets, and an exchange of goods and money can happen through the jeep’s wide window. Vendors take advantage of that frustrating traffic, a sign of bad city planning, to earn a living. Under the stillness of the red light, the vendor accepts your payment, hurriedly rummages through his money bag, and gives you the item you bought with your change.

Ma and I would buy espasol, bibinka, and chewy orange candy while riding jeeps. When the lights turn green though, and the vendor can’t catch up with the jeep, you won’t get what you bought, and the vendor gets to keep all your money.

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4 thoughts on “Buying from Street Vendors in Jeeps

  1. Nice story and scenes from the Philippines. People in Bacolod also buy from vendors while riding in the jeepney. On the Ceres Liner Bus, vendors are allowed to board to sell to the passengers while the bus is traveling the highway. Chicharon, quail eggs, hamburgers, sio pao, chips, Snowbear and Starr candies, garlic peanuts and other snacks to choose from.

    It really is more fun in the Philippines!

    ~ Gary ~


    1. Thank you for sharing that information. 🙂 As you said, there are so many things that you can buy from these street vendors. I love those little things about the Philippines. I also admire these people for doing everything they can–breathing in smog, risking their lives as they walk through the traffic, or boarding bus after bus–just so they can make their way out of poverty.


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