Free Writing Adventures

I’m in Quezon City circle, seated beside a sign that says, Feed the Artist: Free Writing Group. It’s an invitation to all aspiring writers who want to engage in collective learning. I don’t want to teach. I want to be a cheerleader. I want to cheer people on and lead them toward inspiration.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, Wild Mind and Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg will be the group’s main textbooks. These books will help everyone improve their craft and teach everyone self-help techniques especially made for creative people.

Physical activities like walking around the park, maybe changing location in other days, exploring and looking at things that people ignore, and creative activities like writing prompts, writing challenges, doing crafts, doing something crazy are the things you will get if you join this group.

Group members read their on-the-spot writing creations for everyone to hear. Each word uttered builds courage. Praised for their strengths and encouraged to correct their weaknesses, these individuals will profit from the group’s support and constructive criticism. It’s also a good way to network with similarly creative people. Maybe some of them would form businesses together or point each other to available opportunities.

A donation box will be sitting beside me, and anyone who feels inspired to feed the artist are invited to give anything they can. Crafts, second hand books, and writing handouts or booklets can also be purchased after the session.

That’s my fantasy. When will I be brave enough to make it real?

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2 thoughts on “Free Writing Adventures

  1. I think you are really onto a fabulous and marvelous idea! I think I would make that fantasy a reality tomorrow or else ASAP! Run for it, don’t walk.

    Don’t be concerned, I am a long way from Quezon City! You go first. Don’t let anyone, not anyone, beat you to the draw on this creative idea.

    ~ Gary ~


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