Turn Shoe Boxes into Mini Bookshelves

My bookshelf was already overflowing with so many books, so I decided to do something about it. Looking at my tiny room, it seemed impossible to add another bookshelf. Then, an idea hit me: maybe I should turn my shoe boxes into mini bookshelves! This way I could use the unused spaces of my room to store my books. Here’s how to make them:

What you need:

  • shoe box
  • paint


1. Get a shoe box.

You can use any other kind of box. The size of the box depends on if you want to store your big books or just your pocketbooks in these mini bookshelves.

2. Paint the box.

Go creative and paint your shoeboxes. I used acrylic paint for my project.

3. Let it dry.

4. Put in your books.

5. Fill the unused spaces of your room with your mini bookshelves.

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