5 Throat Soothing Remedies for Debaters

1. Pei Pa Koa

Why debaters love it: This was the most popular throat soothing thing when I was debating. We’d have a whole bag of Pei Pa Koa during tournaments, and by the end of the tournament, we’d have finished that whole bag. We love it because it tastes good, and it’s effective without the overly-minty taste.

The downside: We got so sad when we found out that it has formaldehyde.

2. Difflam

Why debaters love it: It numbs your throat, so you don’t feel your sore throat stinging. You have to use this when your sore throat is really bad.

The downside: You have to put it at the back of your throat or else it will numb your tongue.

3. Fisherman’s Friend

Why debaters love it: It’s cool and minty.

The downside: It’s too minty.

4. Strepsils

Why debaters love it: Classic throat soothing remedy

The downside: It’s not for really bad cases of sore throat.

5. Valda Pastilles

Why debaters love it: It’s the only chewy thinger on this list.

The downside: This really isn’t as popular as the others because it is not so strong.

Are you a debater? Which one’s your favorite throat soothing remedy?

Please leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “5 Throat Soothing Remedies for Debaters

  1. I was a Conversational English teacher in China for 9 years and there are many wonderful throat soothing remedies made from herbs. I can’t remember the Chinese name of the best one but it has a picture of a panda on the box. I’ve not see it available at the Chinese pharmacies in Bacolod City.

    Golden Throat is good and I have seen it here in Bacolod City at Hua Kong Chinese Pharmacy. We also have a bag of Pei pa Koa on hand now.

    After the debate or after teaching class, a shot of White Castle Whisky 69 with honey and lemon or kalamansi will sooth the throat. I think lemon is better but in a pinch, kalamansi will work.

    ~ Gary ~


    1. That’s really interesting. Yes there are so many Chinese herbs that can solve all sorts of problems. Thanks for also sharing your throat soothing mix! Thanks for sharing your experience in China!


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