Migrating Photos to Imgur

After my bandwidth fiasco with Photobucket, I decided to move all my pictures to Imgur. It doesn’t fit all my requirements, but it will have to do until I find a better alternative or I buy my own domain and host my own pictures.

The downside of Imgur is that it’s slower than Phtobucket, but it’s not super slow. Another is that in Photobucket, you just have to hover over the picture, and you can get the direct link, but in Imgur, there’s a screen that will pop up, and then you have to close that screen after you copy the direct link.

There’s also a size limit of each picture you upload. 10MB for non-animated files and 2MB for GIF and PNG. Photos can also be automatically deleted if they are inactive. So I hope people keep on viewing my blog especially my old posts because that counts as page views. I hope this is a good site. Have you tried Imgur? Did you encounter any problems?

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