Today I Learned about Orthorexia

When I was reading Women’s Health September 2011 issue, the article “When Good Eating Goes Bad” by Mary Rani M. Cadiz caught my attention. It talks about orthorexia, which is an eating disorder that compels a person to be overly obsessed about eating healthy food. Weird right? How can eating healthy food be unhealthy?

It’s because these orthorexics are so stringent when it comes to their diet that sometimes they will choose to not eat at all if no healthy food is available. The article warns that sometimes this inflexible diet can be “lethal” and that this is often a sign that the person is depressed. A deep-seated guilt washes over them whenever they eat unhealthy food, and this emotional turbulence can make them withdraw from society, even from family and friends. No wonder they say too much of anything is bad.

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