Making My Own “Secrets of Adulthood”

In The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, the author made a list of things she learned and called it “the Secrets of Adulthood”. Here’s my list:

1. Don’t be afraid of silence. Just talk. People don’t remember if your comment didn’t elicit a response.

2. People believing in you is useless unless you believe in yourself.

3. It’s better to make another mistake than be stuck with your current mistake–Mama

4. Misery is an alarm bell. Get out.

5. Don’t envy other people’s paths. They are not yours.

6. Art is a community; not a competition.

7. Never give up.

8. If you haven’t failed enough, you’ll never succeed.

9. The Secret works.

10. When you like someone, chill.

11. You have the power over everything you are.

12. You own your identity.

13. “Be good to everyone for every person you meet is fighting a harder battle.”–forgot where I got this

14. People are complex.

15. There’s always time to read a book.

16. Take more notes than you think is necessary.

17. Take more pictures than you think is necessary.

18. “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”-Voltaire

19. “Act the way you want to feel”-Happiness Project

20. “Recognize the reality of other people’s feelings”-Happiness Project

21. “People succeed in groups”-Happiness Project

22. “No one is given a dream unless given the power to make it true.”–forgot where I got this

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