iBlog8: The 8th Philippine Blogging Summit

I attended iBlog8: The 8th Philippine Blogging Summit last May 25 to 26 (but I only got to attend the second day). It was a free event, and it featured different talks from different kinds of bloggers.

I learned that advertisers and companies who want to partner up with bloggers look for those who write 4 to 8 posts a month. I’m so happy because I try to write everyday! They also look for blogs which are mostly personal posts and not event posts or press releases.

Janette Toral talked about the politics of blogging, which is a topic that she discusses in her blog. In her talk, she gave us a glimpse of the complex social relationships within the blogging community. The people I met at iBlog were really nice and friendly, but not everything in the blogging community is a bed of roses.

Ms. Toral talked about cyberbullying, conflicts that arise if certain bloggers are not invited to an event, inggitan when it comes to getting freebies, etc. She advised everyone to avoid such conflicts and to follow the well-known rule “Walang basagan ng trip.

Atty. JJ Disini talked about copyright laws that govern cyberspace. He said that fair use means that one can copy 5% or 200 words of a work, whichever is less. He also said that if you used copyrighted material, putting disclaimers such as “I do not own the copyright” will not absolve you from being punished for copyright infringement. Getting permission from the creator of the work is also not enough to protect you from copyright infringement. You have to get permission from the person or company that holds the right to distribute copies of the work.

Marcelle T. Fabie is a comedy blogger who talked about how you can write funny posts even if you aren’t naturally funny. Some of his tips are: write about what scares you and write about what you love. He also recommends using the rule of three: you mention an example to set up a pattern, you mention another thing to maintain the pattern, and the third thing you say is used to break the pattern.

When asked about writer’s block he said that it’s only writers who have such a thing. He asked the audience, can you imagine if surgeons had that? In the middle of the surgery, the surgeon can suddenly go, Arg, ayoko na! This is why he doesn’t believe in writer’s block.

There were many other interesting lectures, and I’m so excited to learn more about the blogging world.

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