Writing Tip: Make a Pact with the Universe

In the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, the author advises all writers to make a pact with the universe. You have to throw out all your doubts and write this pledge “Universe, you take care of the quality; I’ll take care of the quantity.” Sign it then post it on your wall.

Many of us have killed our masterpieces because we have been run over by the roar of silence. It’s not your job to second guess yourself or to worry whether what you have written is good or bad. Your job is to write. Leave the judging to the critics. Your job is to write.

This doesn’t mean it’s ok to be a slacker. Work hard and revise, but before you begin slashing away sentences, remember that your primary responsibility is to create and not destroy. Trust the universe, hold up your end of the bargain, and let the universe lead you to your masterpiece.

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2 thoughts on “Writing Tip: Make a Pact with the Universe

  1. Awesome advice! Thank you.

    I’ve got plenty of quantity in paper from. The quality tends to improve from paper to laptop to internet. But sometimes you just have to go straight from your brain to the internet to send your thinking/writing out to the world as directly as possible.

    Freethinkers (however you try to define them) make the best freewriters. If you allow yourself to follow wild, irrelevant, impossible tangents your neuropathways lead to some interesting ideas.

    /end ramble. at least in comment-form. the mental rambling will never cease


    1. I’m glad that you found my post helpful. Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way has a lot of stuff that will help all writers become more creative. I love freewriting too! I wish somebody told me about it earlier because it has done wonders for me. Again, thank you for your kind comments and thanks for visiting my blog!


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