Happiness Tip: Make Good Memories

I started keeping a diary when I was 9 years old. I love my diary so much, I’ve even published an article about my diary malady. My diary works like a Bible or a book of answers. When I feel sad, I open my diary, and most of the time I conveniently land on an inspiring story or sentence.

It is also interesting to look back, to pick your own brain when you were young and innocent, to be amused by your own thoughts, and to see how much you’ve changed. Surprises like the crush you don’t remember, an account of an event which now has a different meaning to you, or an uncalled for declaration of despair that is both amusing and weirdly inspiring, can all be found if you open that little handwritten notebook to your past.

I tried to do this to my recent diaries, but I discovered that they were full of bad memories. This made me decide to come up with a new happiness resolution. Whenever I feel sad, I will tell myself, “Make good memories,” and I will make an effort to do something that will make me smile. My goal is to make one good memory per day so that I can write about it in my diary. Years from now, when older Ja is looking through the diaries that I will be writing these days, I want her to be inspired by the way I am living now. I want her to smile and say, “Those were the good old days.”

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2 thoughts on “Happiness Tip: Make Good Memories

  1. Ja, this just reminds me of my childhood writings (and diaries) that are all gone now because of Ondoy. I wouldn’t have minded losing anything else, really.;;


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