Writing Tip: Out before In

My new writing resolution is out before in. That is, I should focus on producing output, which is finishing all my writing tasks for the day, before I take in any inputs like reading, watching, or listening to anything. This is a modified idea from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way where she advises that artists do an input detox week every now and then. Cameron says that sometimes writers use reading to procrastinate and that having a deluge of inputs disables the artist from listening to her own mind.

The first time I did this, it was really uncomfortable. I’ll unconsciously play my iTunes, grab a book when I go to the bathroom, open Facebook, etc.

Then finally, I’d disengage from all of these inputs. My mind was bleak, empty, and silent, then boom! Thoughts came racing in. I kept writing, and writing, and writing.

How about you? Have you tried an input detox? How did it work for you? Leave a comment below!

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