Suggestion for My Future Employer: Hire Me as Your Cyberworld Reporter

Dear Future Employer,

I want to be a cyberworld reporter. My duties will be to surf the net, especially social media sites, and to write about the controversies that erupt online. Media outlets have started reporting about tweets and Facebook stats, but there hasn’t been a special breed of reporters who are assigned to actually focus on hunting for storylines in the cyberworld.

Like normal reporters, cyberworld reporters will have beats too–a Facebook beat, a Twitter beat, a Tumblr beat, a Pinterest beat, etc. Besides reporting on breaking news, they will also map out each cyber terrain, analyze the groups and factions in each cyber hub, and identify the social norms, ethics, and politics of each realm.

What made me realize that there was a viable market for these storylines?

Well, ever since this happened

because I wrote this

because this guy posted this picture on his Facebook page

and I reported about this online controversy on my blog, I realized that I have stumbled upon something new–the online world has its own storylines, and people are interested to know about these things.

I think that I will be a good cyberworld reporter. To be a good reporter, you have to effectively cover your beat. Having a certain passion for your assigned world will motivate you to explore it and try to understand its intricacies. I have a passion for the cyberworld. I love the free flow of thoughts and information. The internet is the new frontier for knowledge, media, and marketing.

I’ve always been a geek. I studied a lot, but I never liked school. In school, you don’t really learn, you learn what the teacher wants you to learn. You are judged as smart not because you are, but because you are able to regurgitate what the teacher knows in such a way that it looks like you learned, but in truth, you just became an expert in disguised mimicry.

The world of the internet is a world where the individual is empowered to take learning into her own hands. Whether she wants to learn the art of comedy through 9GaG, the intricacies of business and finance, the complexities of the social sciences, the cheerful wisdom of the self-help industry, or just anything and everything that she finds interesting, it’s all there. My positive view of the internet makes me want to delve deep into it, to truly know what it is, to discover hidden treasures, and to share these with the rest of the world.

Another reason why I will be a good cyberworld reporter is that I can recognize stories that will interest people. I can see the potential in things. I can see the story, the piece, that can be woven by looking at a picture here, a video there, a collection of comments, or a full-length rant. Through my blog, I have gained experience on what it’s like to interact with the people in the cyberworld. There is much to be learned still, but I am all for learning more.

My writing style and my writing principles fit the needs and nature of the web. I want to be a writer who communicates, that’s why I try to write articles that can be easily understood. If it’s too complicated, I try to make it simpler. I admire intellectuals, but maybe because I cannot be that intellectual, I have come to appreciate writing that is easily accessed by the masses.

I’m not a fan of elitism, and sometimes some intellectuals are stuck in their ivory towers, writing for the convinced, that is, their fellow intellectuals who already believe in their cause, and they are not making an effort to educate the ones who are not experts of intellectual jargon, but are the ones who become barriers to the realities that these intellectuals want to create. Of course, sometimes my sentences can be complicated, so I’m also learning to make my writing more and more communicative, more and more effective. Through constant reporting, I will also learn on the job, and I’ll eventually improve.

My beat will be Facebook. As I said in In Defense of Facebook: 5 Reasons Why I Love Facebook, you can learn so many things from it if you know how to use it well. I also like it because of the uploaded large pictures, the videos that can be instantly played on the newsfeed, and the thumbnail previews for articles because they all break the monotony of text. This appeals to me because even if I love reading, I also have a visual side, and Facebook satisfies my need to consume written and visual content. That’s probably why I love blogging because a blogger doesn’t just write, she can also experiment with the blog’s layout, add photographs or scanned drawings to the article, and even create her own videos.

All in all, I hope there will come a time where cyber world reporters will be part of the media world. Stories happen wherever there are people, and the online world is generating a myriad of social interactions. Why not report about it? If the story already captured interest of netizens, so it makes sense to write about it and broadcast it to the rest of the world. All of these are just my personal musings, but I think someday they will be real, and I hope that I will be a part of that reality.

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