Lola’s Food Philosophy

*Note: If Filipino words are used, they are translated below

Lola‘s food philosophy is, Ah basta, walang bawal-bawal sa akin. She loves patis and salt. She loves munching on Lapid’s chicharon with laman. She is allergic to seafood, but she still eats a lot of fish.

Lola can be hard headed sometimes. No matter what we say, if she wants to eat something she will eat it. She argues that if she follows the doctor’s orders, “Eh di wala na akong makakain, tapos mas lalo akong maghihina.” She didn’t have high cholesterol, heart problems, or other kinds of illnesses except for fibrosis of the lungs, and she lived up to the of age of 85.


[1] Lola = grandma

[2] Ah basta, walang bawal-bawal sa akin = whatever, for me nothing [pertaining to food] is prohibited

[3] Patis = fish sauce, very salty

[4] Chicharon with laman = fried pork rinds with some meat

[5] Eh di wala na akong makakain, tapos mas lalo akong maghihina = then I won’t be able to eat anything, and the more I’ll get weak

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