Work at Home Bagyo Option or Bagyo Bonus

*Note: If Filipino words are used, they are translated below

PAST: Rain, rain, don’t go away, ayoko pa rin pumasok today!–Little Ja

PRESENT: Rain? Bagyo? Death? Pasok pa rin sa office!–Older Ja

Gone are those days when bagyo meant that classes were suspended. As you grow older, the rain and wind have to be more dangerous before PAGASA can say, It’s ok; you can stay home today.

Working people still have to go to their offices even if the clouds are pouring like faucets. Maybe there should be a work at home option if the rain is too strong. With the internet and personal computers, you can talk to your officemates on chat and work on your reports at home. 

If there’s strong rain, traveling is more difficult, especially if you have to ride a series of jeeps or buses. Then you can get sick, and you have to buy medicines or go to the doctor. Sometimes you also have to avail of more expensive transportation like a taxi if the buses are full. So maybe there should also be a bagyo bonus too, where you can get extra money if you go to work even if it’s bagyo.

Maybe someday this will be part of the compensation packages for all companies. In the meantime, I can just wish and hope that the bagyo stops.


[1] Ayoko pa rin pumasok = I don’t want to go to school

[2] Sana walang pasok = I hope there’s still no classes

[3] Bagyo = storm

[4] Pasok pa rin = I must still go to the

[5] PAGASA = The Philippine weather station

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