Writing Tip: Stay with It and Sit

Whenever I can’t write something, I say to myself, Just stay with it. I sit on my desk and have a staring match with blank paper. Writing is like poop, if you sit on the toilet, something will come out. Teach yourself to sit. If dogs can learn it, so can you.

Restlessness is the devil who will test you as you ponder, sitting there, deserted by thoughts and fasting from mobile activities. You will begin to remember that you need to wash the dishes or buy something from the store, but you should know that these are but excuses.

Use another sheet of paper like Dumbledore’s pensieve. Take those thoughts out of your head by writing them down and promising yourself that you will examine your list after you have written something.

Don’t listen to your infinite creator of excuses; your duty is to write. Just sit. Just stay with it. Something will come out. I promise.

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2 thoughts on “Writing Tip: Stay with It and Sit

  1. Good advice, one I need to remember to follow! There’s always so many distractions.. like cruising through writing blogs on the internet.




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